Burning seed

It’s hard to explain what the Burning Seed has been for me. 

You should be able to explain a parallel world, made of unconditional love and sharing, art and loud music, personal expression, and soul searching.
A week in the Matong forest.
On the first day, when the camps are not yet installed.
Choosing a random place to park the van, among the trees but not too far from everything. And find ourselves surrounded by wonderful neighbours.

And see the magic that begins.

People coming from other worlds, meeting here, barefoot and colourful. And feeling part of a family. Being part of a big family.

The burn is walking barefoot in the grass with your favorite cup in hand, it’s hugging every person you meet.
It’s finding yourself dancing like a crazy at the Trash Mansion, with too much ginger beer in the body.
It’s receiving an invitation for a wedding at the temple. The most beautiful ceremony we’ve ever seen.
It’s getting inside the Tea House, smelling the different teas, sitting on the ground, reading books, chatting with strangers, exchanging souls.
It’s the search for the artist in all of us .
It’s a unicorn in the middle of the path, is exploring the stories of the people, sharing moments and experiences.
It’s juggling and massaging and wondering what rhymes with purple and turtle.
It’s to meet at 2pm at the Red Earth City Brewery to taste the beer of Ben.
It is stopping to chat with a stranger and decide to go along with a tarot card reading and then meet someone else along the way that offers you something to eat and decide to go all together to drink cucumber cocktail at the Mint Club.

And above all, it’s the fire and running around the campfire and exchange hugs and kisses.
It’s to write words on the wood of the temple and then see it burn, let everything go away. Moved, perhaps.
It’s drunk yoga in the morning, rolling on the ground, magic shows, guitar, and songs.
It’s a night of kiss kiss and bang bang and getting lost.
It’s a day of relaxation that becomes body paint and alcohol and beer and finding yourself married within five minutes and divorce without consummate the marriage.
It is the last night of stars and frogs, in a few around the last campfire, talking about the universe and the theory of relativity.

And above all, it’s the knowledge that I will never look at the world with the same eyes.
More aware, I’ve left pieces of my heart in that forest.
My eyes are bigger, my heart more open, my soul continues to fly.
Thank you Burn for all that you have represented, for what you’ve been.
Thanks family. Thanks home.
.. and I think to myself .. what a wonderful world ..

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