Essence of permaculture

Ten days in the middle of nowhere.
35 hectares of land between a highway, an airport and three high-speed railways.
For ten days we’ve been a big family, different generations, people from France but also from Belgium, Thailand and Romania (..and Italy).
All together to learn what permaculture is and why it could save the world.

It’s hard to explain what this experience has been for us, because beyond the stage, it has deeply enriched us, it made ​​us face life in community. We all learned something from the other, we exchanged life stories and advice and we have created a real bond.
And we swam in a lake on the first hot day, we witnessed the migration of the queen bee, we planted cabbage and ate freshly harvested honey from the hives, we had barbecue and played with fire, we heard the magic of the didgeridoo and created a new bond singing vowels all together, we experienced the rabbits hunting with ferrets, we have learned the cutting of tree branches, we have witnessed the shaving of sheep and spoke to urban shepherds, partied together, played guitar, sang songs inventing the words.
And finally, we have worked together, each one with his own ideas for the creation of a permaculture project.

We learned permaculture ethics, earth care, people care and fair share. We talked about existent projects, of what we can do, about the power of hearth, of soil, of trees and mushrooms.
But above all, we have learned that permaculture means sitting in a wheelbarrow thinking and looking at the world.

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