After a month in Geraldton, it’s hard to leave and I’m a bit sad.
I’ve left the farm on a Wednesday morning, I had an appointment in Perth with the Indian embassy to get my visa before the weekend, a flight on Sunday evening and a free ride to Perth with Kevin, a farmer from Geraldton in his sixties who has to go to visit her daughter who had just given birth.

The conversation has been funny and difficult, he was speaking with a strong accent and I had to ask him to repeat everything at least twice.

In Perth, I’ve stopped a day with Ashley, a couchsurfer I’ve contacted a couple of days before.
I’ve arrived quite early in the afternoon and he proposed to go explore the city by bike, just to spend the afternoon. We find ourselves doing 30 km from Yokine to South Perh and return between uphills and downhills.
Perth is beautiful, clean and green but it’s not flat at all and it was a great challenge.
I admit I’m happy to have survived.

And after a morning with Maia, who I had not seen since the workshop of permaculture in Nimbin , I moved to John’s house.
John has a project of sustainable urban agriculture and it’s nice to see permaculture from another point of view .
There are various people that come in and out of the house but the only one with whom I interact a bit is Thomas, a French theatrical producer, and writer who is wandering around the world .
We have spent a few days in Perth, exploring the city and looking for cheap clothes for his new job as a waiter .
On Sunday morning, John brings us to a demonstration on the beach for the rights of aboriginal people of which is a promoter.
We create, thanks to some hand-shapes objects , colored in yellow , red and black , the colors of the Aboriginal people , the word ” kaya” that means hello in aboriginal language.
And in the evening, a bus took me to the airport, leaving Australia after three wonderful months.

I’ve my heart full of this experience, new people in my life, so many things I’ve learned, so many opportunities exploited.
I will miss Australia a lot. But it is time to explore Asia .

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