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Ayutthaya and night train

Ayutthaya - Thailand-3

From Kanchanaburi lake, Huafu took us up to Si Sawat where we were supposed to take a bus. But as we didn’t want to wait one hour and a half, we decided to continue hitchihiking to Lat Ya where we finally took a bus to Ayutthaya.

We didn’t expect much from that city that is about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok but apparently it’s quite common to go on a daily trip there from Bangkok and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site so we decided to give it a try.

Well, maybe it’s good for a day but not more. It’s much dirtier than other cities that we visited (that means, big rats everywhere) and there’s nice temples but that’s pretty much all.
We visited Wat Maha That, that is really beautiful, but we tried to walk around the city and it was too hot and we had to go to the train station to buy a ticket for Chiang mai and there’s a river cutting the city in half and to cross the river there’s only one bridge so at the end we were pretty much tired and didn’t enjoy the city very much (we discover in the end that there’s a boat that cross the river for pedestrian for a couple of bath so if you’re going there don’t make the same mistake as us!)

We spent the evening in the station, our train for Chiang mai was only half an hour late (impressive for thai trains) and everything in the station was clear, there was a blackboard with all the train, timetables and delay.
The night train was really nice, clean and confortable.
Only tip: if you book a ticket, ask for the lower bed: I had the top bed and the AC is very strong in the train and came from the ceiling so it will hit you directly on top. And the light in the corridor is always on, there are curtains but on the top bed they don’t cover up to the top and you’ll have the lamp directly in your face.
I finally ended up sleeping in the lower bed with Pawlo.

We arrived in Chiang Mai pretty on time in the morning, ready for Songkran and for a week of craziness.