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Middle East



My flight took me from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul, the temperature change is a little bit a shock.
I’ve an appointment with Anne in two days in Goreme. And it takes two days by bus to get there.

My first route was Istanbul/Ankara. There I met Laura, a beautiful lithuanian girl. I was looking for a host for the night and when I’ve stumbled upon her profile I had the feeling I had to know her. And I was right, a beautiful soul.

The buses in Turkey are just the best transportation I’ve ever took in my life, comfortables, with water, coffee, snacks, wifi and television with old style turkish dramas, so two days went fast with breathtaking landscapes and nice people around.

Göreme is located among the “fairy chimney” rock formations, it’s pretty small and very charming.
We had three beautiful days in there, exploring caves and cave dwellings, looking for geocache and drinking a lot of tea with our host.
Göreme National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and it’s full of weird rock formations, troglodyte villages and subterranean cities.

One thing that apparently turists must do here is a tour with hot ballon. But we didn’t have much time and it was quite expensive, so we just decided to wake up at dawn and spent one hour outside watching the sky.