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South America

Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol


The “Piedra del Peñol” is a big monolithic rock in the departement of Antioquia that has, after climbing the 740 steps, an amazing view and a lot of tourists taking “selfies” with the beautiful lake El Peñol in the background.

Not far there’s the small city of Guatapé, characterized by buildings with very colorful facade. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back, so nice that we really thought about buying a house and a land here.

They’re both reachable with tours from Medellin but we decided to just take a 2 hours ride on a public bus to the rock and from here wait for another public bus to Guatapé, much much cheaper this way!
Just for the record: taking the last picture I’ve fallen in a manhole, badly hurt my leg, had pain for a long time and I have a scar as a lasting memory. But can you see the shape of the shadow that is similar to the shape of the sheep? Totally worth it 😀 (well.. maybe 😉 )

South America

Rincon del mar

Rincon del mar is a sweet caribbean paradise in the north of Colombia.
There’s no buses that arrive directly there; so from Monteria it took us three hours in a freezing bus to San Onofre where we had to ask some local guys to take us with their motorcycles!
And after thirty minutes on a “moto-taxi”, with the road full of water and mud, trying not to fall, trying to avoid baby pigs and chickens, we finally arrived in the little place of this fishermen village.

There are just two dirt roads but we’ve discovered that the village has almost 4000 inhabitants, big family inside the houses and hidden houses reachable only by patios behind the two roads.
People are smiling and greeting all the time and the best meal you can find is the one your neighbour can prepare you for few pesos.
Children are playing in the road with sticks and old tires.
The sea is warm, the place is safe, on weekends people come from the surrounding and there’s music and it’s a little bit more crowded but during the week is calm and peaceful.

We were supposed to spend a week just relaxing and, sometimes, working a little bit but we’ve started with a chain of misfortunes, connection problems, storms and a 48 hours long blackout that “forced” us to sleep, read books, eat, swim and drink beers.