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Road trip to Kanchanaburi


Before heading north, in direction of Chiang Mai to celebrate Sonngkran, we spent some days with Huafu and his family and his van on a road trip in the region of Kanchanaburi and around the Sinakharin lake.

The lake is huge so we were able to go change location almost every day, it’s a little touristic (with nice resorts and everything) but not too expensive and, most of all, with no farangs (foreigners) around!!

Dawn on Srinakarin Lake

In the west coast of the lake there’s a national park with refreshing waterfalls and wild plants, nature is amazing there, we were able to swim in the lake, among fishes and tree branches, to have amazing meals and to finally use our tent.

There were also caves on the way but the entrance fee was 300 thb for foreigners (and I think 100 for thai) and it was a little bit too much for us just to see a cave.
Who knows, maybe it was the best cave in the world..